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I have just joined ..looks great... looking at photos on here and net has made me  unsure re my new  teaclub  .house is clean and tidy ( or will be!!) but small terrace in South harrow back street.. convenient  but shabby main room fidlding to get 12 people in at once.. comfortable ish..not glam though.  Main drive is community rather than cooking skills hence cream tea.. any views or suggestions on pricing   and how you ask for tghe hte actuall dosh!! would be very welcome..I have done my product reserach and made numerous sandwiches scones etc.. Sams Tea at Three 

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Try it out with friends first. Take a look at Kerstin's new book  'Supper Club'. Kerstin is also doing an event called How to run a supperclub see details here.


Visit a couple of Supperclubs/Underground Tea Rooms. Have a look at the Supperclubs by location list and see if there is one near you.

Get a feel for what it's like to attend one that way you will have an idea of what guests expect.


Hope this helps. I'm sure other members will be able to help you.



great .. friends it is  and yes the book is a must have now i know it exists..thankyou

I also think the venue, so long as it is clean and tidy matters, but not as much as the food and the hosting. 

If you are a fab host, as I am sure you will be, and you do your research, I see no problems with it being a small venue. 

It's best to start small.. I recently did a tea party for 20 all by myself...and it was hard work to say the least on your own...and I travel with mine too... so it was back breaking. My advice is start small and see how comfortable you feel : ) 

Kerstins book is fab for advice, and Lynn will also be speaking at the next conference, so get yourself down there if you can and I think you will feel ten times more inspired for it : ) 

And friends and family can be a great way to start, just make sure they are asked to be brutally honest with feedback : ) 

Have so much fun with it!!! x



What do you do with your family/pets? With a daytime do its easy for the house to be emptied but if its an evening event what do you do with the others in the household?

well cats are usually good at making themselves scarce.. if its a dog then i would think you inform people that you have one   unless  its a  nervouse type... best to have it babysat..  i am wondering about family if i go for  another time slot..mine are over 21 so easier to control..however the whole idea of this type of thing is wrinkles and family life are part and parcel of it. Naturally you want to keep disruption to a minimum..easier said than done. bribery may help. or  a friend that will come over to  entertian/look after them. My first one is June the 4th 3 pm  i am currently triming dead bits off the house plants and measuring chair leg room as I live in a box.... baked scones yesterday with mixed reaction!  I have yet to inform son that he and girlfirned are not resident on that date..regards Sam
I understand that the ethos behind the secret supper club came from influences abroad. In poor countries people invite tourists to their homes for supper in order to earn a little extra cash.
Although we would all love to have perfect houses/flats we must remember they are our homes, we are not restaurants. 
We have a common interest in our love and passion for food, that's what it's all about!!
Enjoy the experience, make new friends and spread the word!!

Hi Sam.


I've just had my first Sunday Roast event during the day and had my children (3yr and 6yrs) in the house. I did warn guests that there'd be children around and they were all fine. I was also very worried about the presentation of my cooking and my clean but unfashionable loo (!). When I joined the guests at the end of the meal we talked about their reasons for attending and it was all about meeting new people and trying out a new experience. My anxieties about the non perfect nature of my flat and the fact that I had my wild 3yr old running about added to the feeling that the guests were joining in a family event. That is what is special about this movement, it's so different to fancy cafes & restaurants. Don't worry. The fact that you are worrying about what people will think indicates to me that you're probably a very generous host and that is all that matters. Good luck!

good morning...what a thoughtfull, lovely reply i am so  pleased you launched  and landed in style! I too am going for the clean look .. loos good.. but he stairs landing etc are "tracy emmin." Off out today to try and rustle up my  6 needed for the  4th June. I am not used to this site  can you tell me where you are based?  How many did you cater for?  Have bid and won a neat trolley on ebay that folds up afterwards need to collect that ... and i am training my cats to offer a paw when guests arrive ( just kidding) i keep stickytaping them so they are not over hairy on the day. Scones are still akin to shell casings but as i am a non cook they are at least edible now. regards...Sam

I'm based in Edinburgh. I did Sunday Roast for 12 (including 3 children). I charged £20 for adults and children ate for free. Most paid a bit more. I gave out envelopes with the cups of coffee at the end of the meal for the donations - I wrote "Thank you, Suggested donation £20 per adult" on the outside. They left the envelopes on the table and I collected them after everyone had gone.

I got my guests via Twitter so you really should sign up to that if you're not on it already. Do you have a blog? That's a place where you can send your Twitter traffic to, they can then see exactly what you're offering. Mine is here


Well done Aoife, I read your blog and it has made me crave a Sunday Roast... a rare treat for me of late!

If I lived nearer, I would have been there like a shot!! : )

Have you planned and scheduled your next event? It's addictive isn't it!?


Nothing wrong with 'humble' surroundings, it's the food and the welcome that counts.  

Regarding actual dosh, some people leave a box on the table for the suggested donation, or give little envelopes....

I use booking sites like to prevent no shows and loss of money.

I'd start small, with maybe eight people. I tend to use a friend to help when I have twenty people, which is my max number, but I didn't start with 20, it's exhausting doing the baking and serving tea to that many, even with help. I don't think elaborate menus or an elaborate house is necessary, stick to things you know will work and you're good at. Sponge cakes always go down well, and sandwiches are easy enough. Lashings of tea, a few varieties, and off you go! I didn't charge much for my first teas, it was more for practice. I now feel confident enough to ask for £15 but it's a groaning tea table, with four "courses" and I give 10% to a charity, so I don't feel like I'm asking too much. Make sure you cover your costs of course. I put envelopes around towards the end and ask people to put their "donations" in the envelopes. I also pass round a visitors book for comments. Good luck!


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