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Exciting New Street Food Scene Opportunity for Vendors, Chefs and Foodies!

I'm looking for street food vendors or people who'd like to try their hand at being one temporarily or long term. This is a very exciting opportunity to feed the office staff and residents of the busy and affluent town of Maidenhead in Berkshire.
The plan is to create a hub and meeting point full of verve, colour, music, activities and, of course, GREAT FOOD!

If you think you might be up for it, or are just a tiny bit curious to find out more,
please contact me A.S.A.P.

I can't wait to hear from you!

Esther B

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Wow! this sounds fantastic.  Why are you so far away? :(

I'm not. You are!

Good luck with your new venture!

it's too bad you are not in Nottingham. I hope someone  can offer this opportunity in Notts

Thanks guys. I'm still looking for people so pls bandy it about on Twitter/ Facebook and your contacts if you would be so kind. I'm on Twitter @SL6SupperClub.


Thannks :-)


Hey Esther - I'd love to get involved just not sure how many hours I can commit to with two little kiddies running around my it all based in Maidenhead?? My supperclubs are going down really well. I don;t just do Asian/Indian fusion but also bake cakes and am a dab hand in sugarpaste decorations that always wow people....I will send you a few picks of some things I've just done. Let me know how many hours you need and I can see if I can work something out with a sitter..... Meena x


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