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I was in one of my own many worlds yesterday, staring out of the window, wondering why exactly I had decided to start up my own version of a supper club.... Sometimes I need to remind myself why I do half the things I do.... Just to keep me sane! Hehe.

Some of the mad brain schemes that I have started and not quite finished previously would include things such as my "101 Challenges in 1001 Days" which I have yet to complete....and have only until March 2012 to finish!

I also started training with the local Roller Derby Team last summer, having seen a movie about hard as nails girls who boofed each other off a track in quad skates whilst unleashing an indie-fuelled fury ...I thought it would be right up my street!...However...whilst spending more time lying on my back and not being able to sit without a cushion under the base of my spine for weeks on end...I realised this wasn't going to work out either!

And then.... The Secluded Tea Party was soon to follow, having been to the Delightful Underground Tea Party in Croydon one sunny summer afternoon!...I was well and truly hooked! I love baking (I am no pro, far from it!) but it gives me an outlet, where I don't have to eat it all afterwards = Perfect!
I have now started to enjoy drinking tea and can tell other people what to try if they aren't sure (Something I would have not considered to be true a year or so ago! I feel all grown up).

I love the ability to get creative and see people enjoying my home baking and unique events each month. This is one challenge that will never be finished...Or at least, I will not stop doing any time soon I hope!

And not forgetting the support that I received from Bakelady, Annies Supperclub and MsMarmiteLover herself, each one of them having invaluable information and advice that has helped me any time that I have been stuck as to what to do! The underground supperclub community is just fantastic!

So.  A question to you!

What inspired and motivated YOU to start up your own Supperclub?

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My inspiration came when I first read Msmarmite's blog about 2 years ago, I thought I can do that and did by creating The Secret Tea Room. I've never looked back.

'Just do it' was her response when I got in touch with her, so I did.

My answer is kind of long winded... but all relevant!
I first started gluten free cooking after my second child was diagnosed as having Aspergers.   Another parent of an Aspie child told me about the research the University of Sunderland were doing on a gluten/casein free diet and how this improved things for many children on the autistic spectrum. 

Putting a child onto a gluten free diet meant a lot of effort and research into how to make "child friendly" food.  In order that he wouldn't miss out when he went to friends' parties, it was necessary to be able to bake tasty cakes, pizza, bread, sausage rolls, and all the other "normal" childhood foods.

Later, my third child was also diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and so eating gluten free became a regular part of family life.

Ironically, and tragically, a year later "gluten free" became a bigger issue after my beloved Dad became very ill in a short space of time and (too late) was diagnosed as having Coeliacs Disease. He'd had it for years without knowing. As a result he had developed T-Cell Lymphoma from the untreated Coeliacs and died just a few weeks after this was discovered. 

In the wake of that shock both myself and my brother were tested.  My brother was also found to have fully developed Coeliac Disease.  I was told I had IBS which was "probably" aggravated by wheat (but was told they wouldn't do any further tests as there was "no point").

In 2007 my fourth son was born and he was intolerant from birth to wheat, dairy, soya and egg.  Because I was breastfeeding him, this meant I had a very restricted diet for three years - bringing an even deeper understanding, appreciation and experience of catering for restrictive diets.  At the start of this year he was also diagnosed as having Coeliac disease.
As a mother to four children, three of whom cannot have gluten, I quickly realised that there are very few options for Coeliacs in the UK who wish to dine out!   Many restaurants now offer a gluten free option but sadly this is not always accompanied by a true understanding of the dangers of cross contamination.  All too often a coealic will eat something they are told is "safe" only to suffer symptoms afterwards.  Having a waiter remove bread from your plate at the table and saying "it's alright now, you can eat it" is something that should be fiction - but is not.

In September last year I found out for the first time about the UK underground restaurant movement and started reading my way around blogs such as MsMarmite and Fernadez & Lulu.  It didn't take me long to make a connection between the need for gluten free dining, my lack of opportunity/funds to open a restaurant, and the underground movement!
In October Annie's Supperclub was born!  We are proud to both be part of the underground restaurant movement in the UK and also to be able to offer a safe, relaxing dining experience to coeliacs and others on a gluten free diet. 

I started my Supperclub "Supper on the Terrace" after being told so many times.."you should open a restaurant".  So I didn't open a restaurant I went to cook in one, every week-end, long hours, not enough control over what was being cooked, was enough for me to think...I love to entertain, I love the fine details, the little extras, I love people to feel comfortable, and I love attentive service.  I need to do it my way.


I live up in the mountains in Rural Andalucia, where local fresh produce is in abundance,and delicious ingredients are plentiful..but very often not used in restaurants, or should I say rustic restaurants around here.."Pig n chips' if you're lucky


Now I have a view to die for, and huge terrace, so one year ago I  opened La Rosilla, created a menu, which my guests had pre-chosen from, and welcomed 16 people for Supper - That night it RAINED.  So 1 hour before a mad dash was made to clear my sitting room, and create a very cosy restaurant.  It was a success.


I opened once or twice a month throughout the summer, no more rainy nights...Oh just one where, diners enjoyed the refreshing rain, with temperatures at 42 degrees, put napkins on their heads, and my daughter ballet Danced for them. I have themed events too, and in the winter I offer the 'Chefs Table" for 8 guests to sit around my Kitchen Table infront of the log burner.


I'm looking forward to and planning my new season, fastly approaching - with "Paella on the Patio", 'Tango on the Terrace" to name but a few. 


I haven't found any other Supperclubs around here, maybe people aren't as mad as me...and I'm still trying to convince alot of people.  But that's there miss out.


So if you ever in Andalucia - pop in and say hi.


Salut and Buen Provecho.




It's really easy to get carried away with the recipes and the taste testing and then panic about the marketing.

I have personally found Twitter and Facebook as well as blogging a great tool to keep people interested and up to date with what you are up to... so if you haven't done any of these, give them a go.

Twitter is fab for making new contacts, so can highly rate it.

Ms Marmite Lovers' Book is also very good for tips and words of wisdom on all supperclub topics, ESPECIALLY marketing and promoting, so give it a read...Buy it Here.

Hope to hear more from your adventures soon : )


I was inspired to start a supper club because I want an easier life than running a pub! I have spent the last 5 years running a lovely village pub in Oxfordshire which is going brilliantly but when I took it on it was a 5 year plan and the 5 years are up in July this year. so I am approaching running a supper club a bit differently to many of the other people I read about who seem to do it as a precursor to running their own restaurant. ( if anyone wants to buy my lovely, thatched, traditional village pub, leasehold, free of tie, contact me on!) I didn't realise when I first had the idea of cooking for people in my home that there was such an amazing community out there and am so excited at thought of becoming a part of it and very frustrated that I can't start till June. I am really lucky as I have a lovely loyal customer base at the pub who are also looking forward to becoming my first supper club guests. Mrs marmites book is an inspiration, I just can't wait to get going.

My wedding.  I can't handle never using again all the vintage china, the victorian cake stands, the pretty little bottles used for flowers.  I need to cook.  People loved it all and in my home, I am the only foodie.  To everyone else here food is fuel, to me food is life :)


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