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Does any one know where I can buy Yukon Gold potatoes in London?  My next Supper Club is next weekend and I'm doing Pork Belly with Mash.  If you haven't tried them, Yukon  Gold make the best mash ever.  I've only seen them in a farm shop near Rye and really don't want to travel that far for some pots!

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Hi My veg supplier Chefs Connection usually stocks these if you email me on info| I will  call them and let you knoe if I can get them and the price. I am in London| E14 02079874002

Thank you Floating Diners, but I've managed to source some. Useful to know for future reference though.

Good to know they make the best mash....

Not tried these before but making maple mash to go with some home-smoked gammon so will have to try and find some.  So irritating living in Devon as it is almost impossible to source so many things.  I was in London last week on honeymoon and found some fabulous veg shops in Balham whilst pottering about.  So, so jealous.

In my searches I've found this amazing place, and they're launching mail order...

Good luck!

That is awesome!  Thank you VERY muchly.   I can't believe I used to live just down the road and never knew this place existed.  Now I have moved to Devon and can get apples in abundance but not much else!

Yep, defo the best mash ever.  All buttery and creamy so you don't have to add too much extra, making them good for you too!

I would like to thank you.  We have just had amazing potato cakes made with these.  A real 'potato' taste.  Lovely.  


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