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Ah, but can you pea soup Tallinn?

Rounding up all my receipts today for the trip to Tallinn last week, I reflected on the cuisine that Estonia offered by way of its (overground) restaurants. Sadly, the highlight of the week was a local blood sausage dish. Nothing sad about that you might say, except that it wholeheartedly defeated such promising dishes as filet mignon and carpaccio. Furthermore, spoilingly so, everything came with sauerkraut. I didn't dare order the sauerkraut in case it was accompanied by its mirror-image. Therefore, I can accurately report that the Estonians don't know how to handle beef. Pork, maybe, beef no. But who wants pork when out for a treat? So, Estonia - the land where snowmen fall from Heaven unassembled - has not a patch on you underground chefs. You can Hog a Roast easily Tallinn, but can you pea soup?

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