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I have very sadly had to cancel my Afternoon Tea on 11th August.  After an initial lot of interest locally, nobody actually booked.

Devon seems to lack secret foodies in general.  There is only one other genuine (i.e not a restaurant), club in Devon and it is right near the city of Exeter.  

I had lots of lovely tweets and interest but everyone too far away.  Locally there are teashops on almost every street corner at less than the £10 I was charging but offering nothing like the menu I have.  Getting people to appreciate local and home-made and the ambience offered by the location I have to use is proving hard.  

Never mind.  I'm very sad about it but giving up is not an option.  Establishing anything new in an area that has never used such a facility before is going to be hard work. I'll set up a date late Sep and am thinking of a harvest themed tea. If nobody comes then i'll try again in October.  I could change to a traditional menu but that isn't me, everywhere offers basic scones, jam and cream.  I want to offer a more unique experience with new tastes and new combinations.

I am setting myself a limit of six months.  If in that time I still have no bookings then I need to accept that i'm doing something very wrong or people down here are just not ready for me ;)

Off to console myself with baking cake instead.  I'm off to a Clandestine Cake Meeting in the week so am experimenting.  Nothing beats the blues like a good bit of baking. 

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Comment by Hidden Tearoom on August 6, 2012 at 13:12

Thank you both for your comments.  I am considering picnics but as it is a hobby not a business for me, I need to work out logistics as I cannot drive.  I'm off to London next week and hoping to find a supper club to visit there :)

Comment by Backstage Supper Club on August 6, 2012 at 12:58

oh that is a pity.  Maybe you could thing about taking the tea party to the people?! If people aren't keen on travelling, but like the idea of what you are offering, you could do hampers or help them to throw tea parties in their own homes, so they get to taste your food and you build up a name for yourself?

Very good luck!

Comment by Scratch Secret Suppers on August 5, 2012 at 16:36

Sorry to hear that Hidden Tea Rooms!  I'm sure it would have been wonderful!  Sadly I am one of the Londoners for whom it's a tad to far away for a regular weekend.  I'll keep an eye out though and maybe I can arrange a weekend away for the Harvest Theme one.

Yes, baking is definitely the answer!  I've never known cake not to improve ANY situation.


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