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Dedication to my granddad's mobile food store in Beijing

Taking further inspiration from my 'food research trip' back to Beijing, I've decided to dedicate our next Mama Lan dinner on Friday 12th August to my late granddad. 

For those of you that don't know, the story of 'Mama Lans' extends to more than just the supper club but back to a time just after the revolutionary period in China where my granddad and mum used to run a mobile food stall in the streets of Beijing.   The store was so popular that it was not unusual to see people jumping off the bus just to queue up for an hour before the food sold out.  Some loyal customers would even queue at the entrance of the market before it even opened just to buy the first freshly made dumplings and buns on offer.

Granddad making food for his mobile store back in the days in Beijing...

I remember my granddad used to cook Lan Longs (lazy dragons) for us during busy preparation for his market stall.  They are basically rolled buns layered with meat or vegetable stuffing.  I haven't had them for years but while looking back at some old family albums the memories of the soft texture and fragrance of the rolls came rushing back. 

So we decided that we're putting Lan Longs on the menu in dedication to my granddad ... just don't go and Google for them cause you probably end up with some horrendous dragon pictures!

Tickets available for £20 each at


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