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Find out where and when is your local underground restaurant/pop up/supper club

Members: if you'd like to receive more or perhaps less news from Find a Supper Club, please go to the Settings button on your membership where you can regulate the emails. You might wish to opt for a daily digest rather than an instant email. 

You can also choose the kind of information you'd like to receive: personal messages, news and updates. 

If you choose to opt out of any email notifications (which I know is tempting as we all get too much junk) you won't hear about news or competitions or great new supper clubs in your area. 

I'm trying to build up the blog side of this site and get sponsorship to pay for all the work done on creating and maintaining the site and for creating the app which will bring business to supper club hosts around the world. 

All support is welcome. Please keep contributing, entering the competitions, visiting supper clubs and reporting back, posting up your dates if you are a host. 

Kerstin MsMarmite

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