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I am knackered tonight. I have just finished making Sweet Pastry, a Tart au Citron filling (more practising) and Raspberry Sauce (delicious) and wait for this,  I am happy with my Venison Casserole finally (a few kilos of Venison later )... just have to recreate it now and hope others feel the same. Completely and utterly sold out now . My hubbie had to yell stop, no more. As if thirty wasn't insane enough which it is by the way. It is not as if I have run my own restaurant or anything (seriously impressive photographs of utterly dazzling dishes of food from some of the other clubs). Oh dear.  Still it is the opening night and  I have my sister Relish Sweet  (no Eve actually) to commis and  a little team together to help. And now I  am in my comfort zone , I have lists. I like lists and make lists of lists if you know what I mean. I used the occasion as an excuse to insist the room got decorated as it was looking a little shabby. I am beginning to think this is quite alot of trouble to go to to get a room painted but if I am honest I am enjoying myelf despite the fear factor. Not sure about everyone else. My six year old son, Rene seems pretty relaxed about the idea of us opening a restaurant in the house and tells people "My mum is opening a pop up restaurant in our living room" as  if it were the most natural  thing in the world. His teacher probably thinks he is bonkers. On to actually preparing the food instead of practising tommorrow (after my day job of course, nothing easy) . Will start with making the stocks. Got my logo for Honey Wild  tonight by the way, see above. I think it is rather nice. I swapped this for a buffet. I think I did pretty well out of the deal. HW

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