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Today is day one for the launch ,

Never written on a blog and am sure will become more slick and retain some of the amateur charm!

Day 1: really the creation , formation of Delicieux Repas Artisanal ,( translated verbatim back from French it stands for Delicious Homemade Entertaining and is also the acronym of my name DHE ( or twitter mrshallsevs).

A name was the first start and that took a lot of decisions and disucssions with myself to what it meant to me, what others may see it as and overall a story behind the start of a new era for myself ...

  • So name done- check 
  • Menu created  - check ( well I actually have my first 3 menu's)
  • Venue in progress of negotiation - check 
  • Crockery search continues looking for a vintage cum contemporary complete oxymoron - although i know what I ma looking for- check
  • New kitchen to be built although the existing one will do for now.. check
  • Table -check

Why now and where's the mojo come from.

I have chosen to leave the corporate work or work has chosen to leave me , we part on good terms and I start a non coporate focus on my next few decades of life


The inspiration is my massive boook collection of all things cooking, Kertsin Rodgers and her twitter, her Supper Club Book which I have read many many times and been successful with some of her recipes, a mismash of all chef geni from Elizabeth david to Simon Hopkinson to Tom Kitcjhen to Gordon Ramasy to Rose Prince to Heston, Jamie the list goes on....

Focus is on feeding enmasse and looking at the Talluah Table concept in Penselvanyia ( see it on Unique eats or their website)


Great food , great big table, interaction of others or family gatherings... the concept will be 2 sittings , of 2 tabales max 18 per table and to do this twcie per month ....concept sounds good, planning, organising, and doing arre a different matter...

So watch this space and see Delicieux Repas Artisanal grow and blossom from love of food and the happiness it creates for others 

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Comment by Debbie Halls-Evans on October 3, 2012 at 15:57

Wow, thank you @mrsmarmitelover your personal message means a whole lot...will defo kepp the blog updated and uploaded with some photos!

Comment by msmarmitelover on October 3, 2012 at 15:51

Thank you so much and good luck Debbie. Let us know how things go. xx

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