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I've made a batch of pistachio, almond and rose petal brittle (pic below) and will do cassis truffles and macaroons, but I'm a bit stuck for a fourth petit.  Any supper club-ettes got a favourite and wouldn't mind parting with the recipe?

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Comment by Kerstin Ingham on August 17, 2012 at 16:08

The truffles were a smash hit!  The less sweet dark chocolate & rosewater was a chokky lover's dream - but don't go under 70% when making your ganache and don't go over 85% or it will be tastebud puckeringly bitter and leave an unpleasant tannic taste which is almost impossible to remedy once made.   The lavender and whisky was more a mixed milk and dark ganache - slightly sweeter and smoother - really delicious.  In both cases infuse your cream not your chocolate - thus I boiled the cream with the lavender heads & strained them out once I felt the flavour and aroma was right, and added rosewater to the cream for the dark.  Make them a couple of days before as they benefit from a bit of shape setting time in a tupperware box lined with baking parchment in the fridge and because they are such fun and so messy to make you wont be doing much else afterwards.  Yummy biscotti - easy to make for masses too.  Our first supper club last night was  great success - all empty  plates, no food thrown away - and some very happy Hungarian guests who did not want to go home and resisted any attempt by their English friends to get them out the door.  At 11.00pm they were heard booming 'no vee dont vant to go home.  Vee vant coffee and chocolates...'  We  had a ball.  Fingers crossed for your first outing and very best of luck Scratch.  Best advice I can give is do as much prep as you possibly can the day before so you are in complete control on the night.  Assign your jobs and run through the menu with all of your team before folk arrive.  Above all - enjoy yourselves and have a great night!

Comment by Scratch Secret Suppers on August 16, 2012 at 10:29
Thanks Kerstin - brilliant idea. Being a bit of a sweet tooth myself, I give barely a thought for those a little less prone to the sugar monster than I. Great suggestion. M
Comment by Kerstin Ingham on August 14, 2012 at 11:35

That looks lovely indeed.  I have just made a batch of lavender & malt whisky, and a batch of dark chocolate & rosewater ganache for truffles which will be part of the petit fours.  Have also some some little toasted almond, hazelnut & apricot biscotti for those who dont like anything too sweet or chocolately with their coffee...

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