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Eggs are of course a staple for most of us especially for those of us who bake. They really are one of natures

wonders, a complete meal conveniently concealed within it's own little house.

Over the years I have tried many of the various organic and free range on offer all of which have been ok, but

only that... until recently that is.

For those of you already more knowledgeable than me I apolgise for stating the obvious, but is only relatively recently that I discovered what I consider 'real' eggs under the rather prestigious name of Clarence Court. I favour the Burford Bowns, though they do various others, some with beautiful blue shells. These are how eggs are supposed to be. Hard shells with a perfect rich coloured yolk within. Their website tells of hens living as they should with a diet that explains the deeply coloured yolks. There is also a webcam for you to actually

view the hens living as they should. So far I am yet to see an actual bird, as they are presumably, hopefully scratching about in the dirt as nature intended !

Somehow hiding these gems inside a cake seems a waste...I love them simply scrambled where they come

into their own as nothing detracts from their colour and taste.

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