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Hi Everyone


How do you handle it when one of your events does not book out. My ill fated Sunday Roast (my last daytime event) has only 7 places booked out 12. It's 11 days away... is it too soon to stress? Do you think I will get last minute bookings? Would love to know if other hosts have had this experience.


The evening events have booked out within hours. This is my last day time event, but I still want it to be a success.

Aoife x

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11 days is far too soon to start stressing out. Why worry anyway. 7 people is a very good number. Even if you only have the 7 people they could be the most important/influential people you'll ever meet. Why worry about the people that don't come, concentrate on the ones that do. Make it the best evening they've ever had and they will tell their friends and so on. Don't judge success by how many people come, judge it by the fact that you and they had a really good time.

There will be times when your events don't fill and maybe you have to cancel a few, it comes with the territory. Don't stress, relax and Good Luck.


It's too soon to stress. But yes I've found day time events harder to fill. Don't know why. Personally I'm a lunch/brunch person. Or tea.


Hi Aoife, my first event was planned for the day of the royal wedding and I thought people would want something to do that day. I was wrong! I think in hindsight there was just so much on that day that I had too much competition. It just didn't fill up and I did cancel it in the end, I think I only had four bookings. They were all very nice about it, I explained that I just didn't think it would be what they were expecting. Seven, on the other hand, sounds like a good number for any sort of dinner party or tea party - it's a good table-full. So I'd probably go ahead as planned and keep re-advertising as long as you can. Good luck! Gwynethx
I would go ahead with 7.  It is dissapointing when you don't 'Sell Out'  but you never know you may get a last minute rush!
Thanks for the replies. I had my event yesterday with eight people, despite a last minute cancellation. It was a lovely day, and it worked well. My guests seemed very happy. I have decided to not do daytime events again for a while. it's a pity... but night time is definitely easier to fill and more financially viable. My dream of long lazy sunday lunches will have to go on hold!
I always try and book 12, on some occassions due to my location in the Mountains of Spain, I've only had 4, but these 4 have made the hard work rewarding with their positive comments, this is my second year and going strong, I even do travelling 'supperclubs' now, where I go and cook at other peoples houses, seems like hard work, but at least it's not my house that has to look pristine when guests arrive.  Sometimes I have booked 16 & 18, these days I'm stressed to the max..but something unique like a 'Supperclub' guests love the friendliness and familiarity of dining at home.  Good luck for the future.  Hasta Luego x

7/8 is a really good turn out... Think about how you are advertising these? It's word of mouth and blogging and hard work from your part... to get 7 or 8 strangers through the door is fantastic achievement, so don't lose sight of that : ) 

Why not try another day... Saturday afternoons work for me... although it isn't Sunday Lunch... Perhaps it's just the day in you neck of the woods that doesn't work for people? 


Good luck with the roasts... I wish I lived nearer! I am in search of the perfect roast dinner!.... Not so good here in Cambridge! x



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