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Msmarmitelover's Blog – June 2010 Archive (5)

Tweeting and we now have over 1000 members!

Can people please use the twitter account ... message me for the password. Then you can link your page's update status directly to the twitter account.
We have passed the 1000 member mark, congratulations to us!

Added by msmarmitelover on June 30, 2010 at 10:40 — 2 Comments

Beware of a TV company offering you a spot

I recently received an email from a TV company offering to do a piece on Sky TV on The Underground Restaurant. The sting was in the tail: they charge you, anything from £300 to £1,500.
I don't think this is kosher.
I've done a bit of TV and while they don't pay you (which is kind of a drag when it's taken up days of your time, and TV cameras and lights bother your guests, make it really hard to be efficient as a cook and host at the same time as being filmed) but you sure as hell…

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More silliness...

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Public liability insurance

I had this last year, it cost about 90 pounds. This means that if one of your guests drops dead from poisoning, falls over drunk and splits open their head on your marble table, you have insurance to cover it.
You can also get equipment insurance, legal cover and's the sticky bit: cover for your staff.
Your 'staff' whether volunteers or paid employees need cover if they drop a hot bowl of soup on a guest, if they injure themselves.
This becomes quite…

Added by msmarmitelover on June 4, 2010 at 11:15 — 3 Comments

Ning group charges.

As you may have seen Ning is going to start charging to have this network. I haven't yet found a better network and in line with my policy of encouraging others I'm willing to pay the fee. I will consider whether or not to charge supperclubs a nominal amount in the future.
Since January 2009 when I started, as the pioneer in terms of reporting, documenting and starting my own supperclubs, I have worked hard not just to promote what I do, but to bring the movement along as a…

Added by msmarmitelover on June 1, 2010 at 22:47 — 5 Comments

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