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Well 2 weeks in and I seem to have fallen into the trap of ...well doing very little. I have been wondering how did I fit so much in when I worked full time, managed a family , home , social life and still cook?

I seem to have less time with the focus being school run drop off and collect ?

I am excelling at procrastination and need to focus on delivering what I enjoy most, I have allowed my self some time after working in the corporate world for over 25+ years a couple of weeks of self adjustment to creating a new homemade role is acceptable , is it?

I have been reading some great books recently hits ian works from the cooks of old, revisiting the akin he Revolution ( by Rose Sykes) , a favourite, watching my food porn ( well that's what my Husband calls it) , daily , am certain some may view this as poor letting, I have to declare I love my hours of watching leaning, critiquing And then creating and adding my own elements.

Anyway even this blog is a procrastination of me NOT doing what I had planned, got list daily to drive my sense of achievement and GET THAT 1st ever REAL supper club completed.....

No forthr brave pills or shall I just watch Raymond one more time????

Have a great , deliecious and successful supper club week


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