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The food that made me

The food that made me

A lot of you have asked me, where did it all start? Where do I get my inspiration? How did I get the cooking bug? Plus with my frizzy hairdo, I don’t come across as the typical French woman! So you’ll have to travel very, very, far…..…


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Very Pleased to be Featured in Marylebone Journal

You can read the full storyhere.

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our first supper club not knowing anyone

Well that's the first one done and comments posted on tripadvisor.  I was like an expectant mother.....I'm now proud to announce the evening a complete success with great reviews.  I'm so happy

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Fancy a little of this? @scratch_suppers

What better food to help us transit the seasons than seafood?  We're doing it 7 ways on Saturday night.  Book here:  

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Guests Review School Night @scratch_suppers

Nice.  Next SupperClubs this Friday 13th and Saturday 14th.  You too could be a happy and well fed Scratch SupperClub guest. Book Here:

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Thank God it's Friday

It's been a busy week! I've launched Wolvercote Supper Club, my twin sons started secondary school, and my ex-husband had a big birthday + 1. I've got seriously into the delights of Twitter to publicise the supper club (I've always thought I'm not a Tweeter, but now I find I love it - it's like writing haiku and also reminds me of my days as a journalist, fitting in headlines). My friend, food photographer Roger Askew @rogeraskew says it's going to be really something, as I seem to have…


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Vinn Goute Supper Club @platterform SKYROOM

Get your tickets for our supper club.  Vinn Goute recently voted as one of London best street foods will be doing a 3 course Meal.

see menu at the grub club website

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Wolvercote Supper Club

On Saturday 5th October, I'll be launching Wolvercote Supper Club, in my house in this pretty village on the outskirts of Oxford. II'm going to be cooking delicious food from all over - with an ethnic-meets-vintage theme (promise, it works!). I've lived in the area for twenty years and before that lived overseas and travelled extensively. This is a fab way to share my food - you're invited.



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Would You Come to a 'School Night' Supperclub?

Are you one of those people who would like to try a SupperClub but find it hard to pin down a weekend date?

Through September we're hosting a couple of weeknight - or 'school night' SupperClubs at our home in Central London - would you come?

We've made it simpler and cheaper than our signature "Seven Course Tasting Menu" SupperClub, so for £35.00 you can…


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Cumbria... Dumfriesshire.... where are the SupperClubs?

Looking round the SupperClub site, I don't see many/any (!) clubs in this part of the country and that's real shame as we have some of the best local produce anywhere.

We have fewer people than sheep & the sea hugs the land throughout the county and region with some amazing sea food.

I would like to host a Late Autumn SupperClub featuring such items as Galloway cheeses, crayfish and lowland whisky as well as prime Solway salt-marsh lamb - thats the kind reared here and sent…


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Birthdays. Scratches. And SupperClubs.

Belated thanks to all the Scratchettes who made our first birthday celebration last weekend so wonderful! 

Although two of the three pictured here have their eyes closed, we've been assured it was more fun than it looks.

One year down. May the reign continue!

September dates: 6th + 7th…


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One Love Caribbean Barbecue.

Hiya every one,

Thank you to every one that attended our first supper club event on Saturday August 10 th.

Also thank you to my hubby and my daughters for their energy and strength.  and to my mum who was also entertaining the guest with her stories from back home in Jamaica! There was lots of laughing coming from the table in between mouthfuls!  Hope to see our guest, and more returning next month.


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Homemade Heatwave Honeycomb Icecream

Ok, so the temps have dropped to 'standard' UK summer levels, but in case we're visited by the mercury agitator again, here's one of our most popular Scratch SupperClub desserts.


For the Honeycomb…


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The Fat Carrot Newsletter August 2013

The Fat Carrot

A Compassionate Food Company

August 2013

Dear Carrot fans,

June and July have been very busy and we have some great things lined up for August too. We were pleased to be asked to cater for singing legend Billy Ocean recently as he was headlining at a local charity event. Our murder mystery meal was a great success and we were delighted to see Karin Ridgers owner of…


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Cocktails and Canapes on the Sunny Terrace

Butternut Squash veloute with a hint of Thai seasoning.

Pan fried cod with orzo

Slow braised Aberdeen Angus Beef cheeks and Shin.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with home made vanilla Ice cream or Raspberry Pavlova

Coffee and Chocs.

First event…


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Edinburgh's new Underground Restaurant

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The Fat Carrot July 2013 Newsletter

The Fat Carrot

A Compassionate Food Company…


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